A challenging part of wigs is to make them look like real hair. The introduction of lace front wigs was a boon in the hair industry as these units were looking natural. Believe it or not, lace front wigs Canada were the answer to the prayer of ladies who wear wigs. But, these wigs if not properly worn give the unnatural look.

Well, it’s no secret that lace front wigs Canada are the most natural. Made from hair that knotted onto a lace base, it can give natural look. A professionally applied lace front wig is almost same as the natural hair. Lace front wigs are highly popular among ladies who have lost their hair for medical reasons and who want to enhance their looks. As the cost is lower than the full lace wigs but the look is more natural than the real wigs.

Whether you are looking to style an old lace front wig or make a new lace front wig, here are a few steps to help your wigs Toronto look more natural.

Step 1: Buy a curly or straight lace front wig of 12’’or more length. Brush the hair wig properly to remove its tangles.

Step 2: Before wearing your lace front wig, you need to make sure that your hair is not bulky under the hair wig to achieve the natural look. Be sure to keep your hair under the wig cap to achieve a more natural look.


Step 3: After this, you need to add clips or straps to your lace front wig to secure or fit it to your head. Adding a clip will ensure that your wig is fit and customized to the shape of your head. Customizing the shape and size of your wig will help you achieve a more seamless look.

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Step 4: After wearing your lace front wig, you must brush or comb your hair properly and keep your hairline visible to achieve a natural look and feel.


Step 5: Use the hair wig glue to stick the hairline to hide your real hair so that it will not give a sense of artificial or unnatural look.

Step 6: Once you stick the hairline using the wig guide, you need to color the hairline to match it with the color of your scalp. It will make the lace virtually untraceable and help in the natural look of your wig.

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Step 7: Now, it’s the time to get your wig hair pressed. You need to give proper heat to your hair to let them look like your real hair.


Step 8: After this, you should cut and style your hair wig to match with the shape of your face.

So, it’s not too hard to make your lace front wigs Toronto look more natural. These eight steps are enough to make your wig look more realistic. We must say that you can easily get a natural looking lace front wig with a great deal of patience and practice.